Here's your opportunity to finally start that business you've been thinking about...

Do you feel annoyed because you always hold yourself back?

Do you have plenty of ideas for a business but you are scared to put yourself out there?

Are you at the point where you just tolerate your day job because you have bills to pay?

Has all of this been weighing on your mind a lot lately?

Then look no further...


Hi! I'm Laura and I'm the founder of My Journey to Fearless and the Fearless membership.

I'm on a mission to help 200 women find their passion and create a wildly successful business so they can leave their soul-destroying jobs.

I've created this membership for YOU. 

If you're sick of being overlooked for promotion, your job drains you, or you just know there has to be more to life than this then you're in the right place.

I'll guide you through the actions you need to take to get your business started, how to become a bit more fearless each month and how to grow your business big enough to replace your 9-5 income. 

Then the sky really is the limit!

The Fearless Membership: a group of smart, determined women who will no longer settle for 9-5 life. They are made for more. They know they can do great things. Make an impact on the world. Change others lives. They are ready to step into their greatness and out of their comfort zone and create a fabulous life of freedom.  

The membership can help you...

  • Learn how to "survive" your day job until you can quit
  • Find your passions and purpose
  • Understand how to choose the right business for you
  • Learn how to start and run your business
  • Overcome those fears that hold you back
  • Learn how to juggle a business, a day job and everything else in your life
  • Give you accountability to get things done
  • Grow your business big enough to replace your 9-5 income
  • Set a date to leave your day job!

Are you fed up of feeling stuck? 

Like you're living the same day / week / month over and over again?

Are you sick of sitting at your day job feeling like you're wasting your life and wishing the time away to the weekend?

Do you have a feeling deep down inside that you're made for more and there is something amazing you need to share with the world?

Do you want to live life on your own terms and not on the terms of your employer?

A sneak peek at what's inside the membership...

When you join you receive access to all of the masterclasses right away so you can dive in and start to take back control of your life and create the future you want.

Join the family of women learning how to become fearless in making their dreams a reality

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is the quickest way to get the success you want!

Having your own business can be a lonely journey. Especially if your work colleagues just don't 'get it'. Or if your family aren't very supportive. 

But you don't have to do it alone! Come and join our family and we can all take the journey together and make some amazing friendships along the way!

Here's what's inside the membership...

  • Speed up your success
  • Build on your success mindset
  • Keep your fears at bay

Each month there is a live coaching session where you can bring your biggest questions and get my help (you can even jump on the video call with me live!)

This session is where we work on you being that successful person NOW

It's also where we make sure your fears don't take control

This keeps you moving forward!

  • Learn how to run your business
  • Quick and easy to digest and implement
  • We do things the simplest way!

On the first Monday of each month a new masterclass will be released. These are more in-depth trainings which will take you deep into a particular topic.

The masterclasses arm you with the knowledge you need to run your business and make it wildly successful!

They include a combination of videos, workbooks, checklists, live sessions and much more!

You can see some of the masterclasses above and a new one is added every month!

  • Get accountability
  • Hit your goals
  • Speed up your success

You can sign up to be paired with another member, an accountability partner, so that you can share your goals with them and get to know someone else who is on the same journey as you.

Just complete a quick questionnaire so that we can learn a little bit about you and what you're looking for and we will pair you with another member of the fearless family.

You could have video calls once a month, chat on What's App or even meet in person!

  • Set your goals
  • Get stuff done!
  • Get accountability from me

At the start of each month there will be a live goal setting and accountability session.

On this session we will set your goals for the month ahead and reflect back on your progress in the previous month.

I will ask you to submit your goals for what you want to achieve before the next session. I'll then take these commitments and put them into a post in the Facebook group.

Each week I will check in with you individually to see if you are on track, and on the next live session I will ask if you met your goals. Great for motivation!