Create your Roadmap out of your day job...

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10- 14 February 2020

"A transformation week of coaching and workshops to create your roadmap out of your day job: Think of this as a modern business plan. But this one isn’t for the bank, this one is for you and your dreams! Let’s cut through the overwhelm, confusion and procrastination by creating your own personal roadmap for how you are going to transition from your day job to that entrepreneurial life of freedom”

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It's that start of a new decade and the perfect time to create your ROADMAP out of your DAY JOB!

The My Journey to Fearless Transformation Week is all about giving you the confidence, clarity and knowledge to plan your business, your future and your escape from your day job!!

A week of free coaching with Laura ~ founder of My Journey to Fearless. 

Choose the Right Business for You : Discover how to build a business with longevity, based on your passion and with the vision you have to help others.

Create your own personalised roadmap ~ think of it as a business plan for your dreams

How to Make Money: Discover how to make a reliable, secure income from your business by choosing the right business model for your life.

Step into a new level of confidence and self-belief and take back control of your life

Master your mindset: Discover how to build a rock solid belief in yourself and how to overcome your fears so that you can take big, confident steps towards your dreams.

These are the transformations people just like you have achieved...

"I think the biggest highlight and takeaway from Transformation Week was realizing the different business models that you can choose from. I feel like that is one of the hardest parts, especially when still figuring out what you are going to be doing for a business. Thank you Laura!"

"My highlight of Transformation Week has been community of people in similar situations. Thanks, Laura, for that, also the accountability and of daily activities, to keep momentum going."

"I think my takeaway was presenting myself as a successful entrepreneur from the beginning. Working in corporate accounting, I’ve always been told you should work, act and dress for the position you want, not the one you’re in. So it was interesting and made sense that this carried to starting a successful business as well."

"At the beginning of Transformation Week I felt unsure, scared and overwhelmed. Now while I still feel those same things I fell them to a much lesser degree and I also feel a whole lot more hope and a little bit of confidence creeping in and I feel motivated to get things started instead of just doing nothing. Thank you Laura for putting so much time and effort into this week. It is much appreciated!!"

"Before Transformation Week I was so overwhelmed- not sure where to even start, or if i could make it work. Now, still scared, but feeling energized and more prepared- with so many tools learned here!"

"Before Transformation week I felt paralyzed and terrified. Now, even though I’m still a bit nervous, I feel motivated to move forward through the fear and nerves."