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Something super exciting is coming!

I’m creating a space where women can come together to get the support they need to leave their job and start their own business. However I’m doing things differently. I won’t just be showing you how to grow a business...I’ll be showing you how to start and grow a SUCESSFUL business that is the RIGHT business for you, while you are STILL in your day job. We will create your escape plan and work on building a bridge from your day job to full time business owner while you keep that safe monthly pay check coming in. 

We will focus on:

*How to choose the right business for you (aligned with your passions and purpose)

*How to start your business while you’re still in your day job (with as little as just 1hr per day of your time)

*What to focus on at the start and right through building up your business, so your precious time outside of your day job is spent on the things that will make the most impact in your business 

*How to look after YOU (building a strong and positive mindset, so that you're at the top of your game and ready to make amazing things happen)

*Coping strategies for your day job (to make your life easier and give you more energy to focus on your business)

Our core message is that we keep things simple. We will show you the quickest and easiest way to do all the things you need to do. Saving you loads of time, stress and Googling!

Its all designed to make your journey to leaving the 9-5 step-by-step, safe, and not scary!!

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Sick of feeling like your job is holding you back? You don't have to settle anymore!

Lets turn those day-dreams at work into a reality! What are you waiting for? Every month you will receive:

A business masterclass

Each month you will receive a masterclass on a different business topic to help you start and grow your business.

Topics include:

How to grow your audience / How to indetify your business mission / How to start a blog / How to make a website / How to start and grow an email list / How to monetise your passion / How to choose the right business for you 

We show you how to implement what you learn into your week using less than 1hr of your time per day.

A 'how to for you'

Each month we will focus on one specific thing that will help you strengthen your mindset or fill your cup back up.

This will be a self care activity or a personal development activity, just one activity for that month. 

Remember we like to keep things simple!

These monthly 'how to's for you' will make sure you don't just focus on your business, but on YOU too.

You are the heart and soul of your business and you deserve it!

A 'survive the 9-5' tip

You're starting and growing a business while working in your 9-5, so not only do we focus on keeping things simple and safe (with your monthly pay check), we need to give you as much energy and focus to work on your business.

Every month you will get a quick and useful tip that will help you to cope better with those things that happen in your 9-5 so that you come home less drained, and so you can spend that 1hr per day working on your business.

These tips really do make a difference!

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